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How to apply perfume

Mon, 13 Jul 2015

How should we apply a perfume? It might seem obvious, but it is not always easy to know how, where and when we should spray it. Not all the fragrances have the same features and we also need more or less perfume depending on whether it is an Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum.  


Experts claim that we must apply perfume on the pulse points: behind the earlobes, the neck, inner part or your elbows and wrists, etc. These spots emanate heat, which can help fragrance to emanate from your skin into the air. 


Fragrances, once applied, must be absorbed naturally.  Rubbing the wrists together may affect your skin’s pH and “crush” the scent.


The best time to apply our perfume is always after our shower, because it is better absorbed and the scent stays longer. Besides, if you do it after your moisturizer, you will extend the scent throughout the day, because it lasts longer on hydrated skin.


Finally, it is important to know how much perfume we need to apply so that the trail we leave is nice. If it has a light formula, such as an Eau de Toilette, we can be a bit more generous when we wear it, but we should never spray too much of it.

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