Damiá Pons Perfumeries

D. Pons Parfums is a family business with over 30 years of experience dedicated to beauty products and fashion. We run a network of 16 stores located in the main areas of Minorca Island, so that both tourists and locals are able to find the product they’re looking for and be attended by the best professionals.

In our stores you will find the leading brands of the perfume, cosmetic and makeup industry with a team of over 40 professionals. Our goal is to guarantee the best service offering quality products at the most competitive prices.

With the launching of our online store in 2015, we want to reach our clients wherever they are and inform them the best way possible of all the news and tendencies related to the perfume, beauty and fashion industry.

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We will be delighted to attend you personally in our stores of Menorca.

For those who wouldn’t know it, Menorca is the eastern island of the Baleares (Spain). Its privileged position at heart of the occidental Mediterranean Sea conditioned its fascinating history, being an obligated shelter and a prized location, given its high strategic value for the civilizations that plowed through this legendary sea: Phoenician, Greek, Carthaginian, Roman, Arabic, British, French and finally Spanish.

Come visit us and get to know the incredible coves of crystalline waters, its History and especially prehistory, visiting the taulas (T shaped megaliths), talaiots (Bronze Age megaliths) and navetas (megalithic chamber tombs). Find out why the Island got declared Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO…

We’re expecting you in Menorca!