We can help if you know the name of a brand that you liked

Each person has their own olfactory tastes , just as you have them in food, music, fashion, etc. That is why if a person liked a fragrance with a particular selection of olfactory notes , is more likely to also enjoy another fragrance that is within the same olfactory universe.

Of course no two are alike fragrances, because each has many elements in different proportions , but it will be more likely to hit.

How to choose it would be:

- Look for the brand you know that you liked accessing the "brands" menu tab, where you will find an alphabetical listing of designers and within each designer are its various brands. You can also search directly from the browser.

Should it happen that you know the brand was not in our catalog thinks that many brands just outside catalogue- can search the internet their olfactory characteristics.

- Selects one of the articles of the mark and you will get your chip where its characteristics are indicated just below the brand name and the article are the ones of interest here: the olfactory notes.

- Memorize the olfactory notes, which are usually not more than three and are in different colors.

- Access the "perfumes" menu tab and select the olfactory notes that had the mark, then all the fragrances that have similar olfactory composition appear. Then just choose between all that you get out and make sure it is for women or for men!